Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Okay I am so worried that I am going to wake up tomorrow and my son is going to be 10 years old and I am going to wonder where all the years went. there is so much of him to take in and not enough hours to enjoy it all. I feel like I need a large serving spoon to scoop him up and eat him with a bit of ice cream. I know I know but he is just so yummy. But at the same time he make me crazy. can u say sour patch kid. sour then sweet u cant be mad.
Enough with the mushy. We just started with Gymboree classes, they are so fun. Basically I take Daniel to the class twice a week once for play and once for music they are age appropriate classes geared towards exploration. super fun and we are loving them.
My Grandma has just sent us our newest addition to our cloth diapering family. WOOL I am so excited she knit him some really cute diaper covers and I cant wait to get him in them. I know it sounds crazy but WOOL is really great and allows his bottom to breath while being waterproof.
Alex is about to finish up at his first duty station and he just got promoted so it has been a productive few months for us. Especially Alex, he finished his classes and got A's in both of them, yeah hubby, he is so smart.
That is about all for us here in NC/TX. will be back soon Scout's Honor.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the last few months

Wow again a long break I need to set an alarm to go off every week to remind me to do one of these things. You would think that with the amount of time I spend on the computer that I would be able to write something. Anyway... Here is what is up.
Daniel and I have moved home to Texas to live with my mom for a few months while Alex is training for a new job in the Marines I initially moved home to help my sister with the kids and allow Alex to fix up the house to rent out (we would be moving in a few months anyway) allow Alex to focus on school, and apply for a new job in the Marines (has to have a job to reenlist) and lastly for me to make more money (not super important but fell into the "pros" column). The house has now been rented, Alex has reenlisted and is doing really well in school. He is a junior now and continues to bring his GPA up. My sister no longer needs me to watch the kids for now at least, and I am making more money which does not hurt. Alex is currently living with a very kind and generous couple from our church who allows him to rent a room in their home. This kept us from paying fees and deposits on an apartment for Alex to live in for only a few months. We are very grateful to them. All is well we miss each other alot, but try to talk every night and at least once a week on web cam. He will be leaving to Virginia for nine months of school. I will stay here in Texas during that period as well.
Daniel is running around like crazy. He is your typical little boy, climbs on everything, runs around screaming at the top of his lungs usually(he likes the sound of his voice) and getting into as much trouble as possible, and that is just while he sleeps. JK. It amazes me everyday when I didn't think I could love him anymore...He blows me a kiss and says I Wobe you... then I realize that I can and proceed to look for what he just took and tore up. He has started to really have an opinion on things and will shake and nod his head to posed questions, as well he has fine tuned his art of flirting with all persons of the female sex. 6mo. to 106yr. does not matter. Daniel suddenly turns into an angel with dimples when a girl walks by. Just last night we were walking the track by the hospital when a couple of ladies stroll by in the opposite direction. Daniel turns around and runs after the, yes runs after them, screaming might I add. They stop to carry on a conversation with a 16mo. old. as they go to leave he waves and blows them kisses, and then the kiss earlier does not feel so special. Just kidding I take all I can get.
I have just successfully cut his hair for the first time. he really need a haircut so I decided instead of paying someone 15 dollars I could do it my self and just to let you know I think I did a fine job. I will post pics later when I can figure out how to upload from my phone. Alright I think that is all for now. I promise pics are to come.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK so sorry for the lack of post I know I know it is ridiculous but I have been a bit preoccupied with well the baby. OK so Here is what has happened in the last six months.... He is bigger and faster and louder. Just Kidding. OK so in October we made a last minute trip home to the Texas because I had a unexpected long weekend at work. Alex spent ten Days at home and I spent like five. It was too short but we had a good time. I think my mom and Alex's father came here at one point too but i am not sure exactly when it has been crazy. We also were able to make it home for Christmas and New Years... Hooray it is the first time we have had Christmas at home since we have been married. and it is the first time everyone in my family has been together for Christmas in like seven years Yeah I Know it is ridiculous tell them that. Well Daniel finally started to crawl he has been doing this strange low crawl scoot thing for months, but about a month ago he started to actually crawl the majority of the time. We realized that if we put him on the floor without a shirt on he would stick if he tried to scoot so he would push up and crawl. I know kind of mean but hey it worked. Alex and I just got the news a few weeks ago that we will be moving in August. Where, we don't know that much yet but somewhere nice I hope. We finally got a big people evening to ourselves for the Marine Corps Ball that was enjoyable. At some point in our absence Alex finally talked me into running electricity out to the shed which was an interesting weekend to say the least. But all is well no one died and our house is all in one piece. We had to purchase a new couch because a wonderfully drunk friend of ours decided that a hop skip and a leap was the best way to take a seat. To be honest it was starting to break a little already but hey who's counting. Daniel has eight teeth now so no more putting a knuckle in to soothe the gums it is like a slaughter house in there CAUTION: HARD HAT REQUIRED BEYOND THIS POINT kind of situation we will not be responsible for loss of limb. Needless to say the kid eats everything. I thought the "boys will eat you out of house and home" thing came later. apparently it starts as soon as they start eating solids. one of the pictures shows Daniels newly appointed Godparents I think they will do a great job. Well I think that is enough for now enjoy and we will be back soon I promise.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

food fun and fabric(ok diapers but it didn't flow)

so here are some pictures of Daniel with his new toy. loving on his daddy. Him getting to try some new foods. There are some of some old fashioned cloth diapers there is something so raw and simple about it. I wont bother you with more talking the pics are in the post below

here are the pictures

Friday, June 20, 2008

Daniel In the Pool

So the gym I go to has an indoor and an outdoor pool. I have been in a couple of times and really enjoyed it. Well since Daniel is holding his head up so well I thought I might take him in. I read some articles about it just to be safe, and basically they said hold him at all times(duh) and focus on having fun, enjoying the water and getting him to feel safe around the water, not so much on swimming . Well he wasn't so sure about it at first but a few minutes later he was laughing and splashing it was the cutest thing. When were done he was very tired and took a nap with Emily. Enjoy the pictures.