Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Okay I am so worried that I am going to wake up tomorrow and my son is going to be 10 years old and I am going to wonder where all the years went. there is so much of him to take in and not enough hours to enjoy it all. I feel like I need a large serving spoon to scoop him up and eat him with a bit of ice cream. I know I know but he is just so yummy. But at the same time he make me crazy. can u say sour patch kid. sour then sweet u cant be mad.
Enough with the mushy. We just started with Gymboree classes, they are so fun. Basically I take Daniel to the class twice a week once for play and once for music they are age appropriate classes geared towards exploration. super fun and we are loving them.
My Grandma has just sent us our newest addition to our cloth diapering family. WOOL I am so excited she knit him some really cute diaper covers and I cant wait to get him in them. I know it sounds crazy but WOOL is really great and allows his bottom to breath while being waterproof.
Alex is about to finish up at his first duty station and he just got promoted so it has been a productive few months for us. Especially Alex, he finished his classes and got A's in both of them, yeah hubby, he is so smart.
That is about all for us here in NC/TX. will be back soon Scout's Honor.