Friday, May 23, 2008


So we went to the Honda dealership to look at a Honda Odyssey because it is more convenient than the Pacifica, and left with a 2007 Honda civic. We decided that we are probably going to have more kids soon, and we were going to be so upside down if we traded in the truck so we decided to go ahead and keep it. We traded the Nissan instead. The gas mileage itself is going to save us so much money and it is just a better car all the way around. The only thing this means is I am going to have to keep working longer than I thought but oh well right. I like working and it gets me out of the house, in a few years we will see where we are at but right now all is good. Alex basically Got a really nice Father's Day gift. He is happy and I feel like he is safer and we don't have to throw money into our gas tank as often. This is the actual car we have in our garage. Woo Hoo for new cars.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Three months

I cant believe it has been three months since I had Daniel. It is amazing how fast time goes by when you have a baby. I thought that Feburary 22 would never come and it has came and gone in an instant. Now we are onto bigger and better things like grabbing a rattle. Yes you heard me He grabbed his rattle today. I put him down for tummy time and he was looking around so a put his rattle within reach of him and he grabbed it right away. At first I thougth it was a fluk so I took it and put it back and he grabbed it again and pulled it towards him then proceded to suck on it. Woo hoo what a big step. I have video of it but I have yet to figure out how to sucessfully upload video to the blog but promise when I can I will let you see it. Daniel is getting so big, I should have a weight report for you sometime next week. I figure he is somewhere around 13 pounds but I am not sure; he feels like a ton in his car seat. But that is ok I guess I can let him grow up ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Buying diapers is so over rated, use cloth. I went ahead and made the jump to cloth diapers. I know what you are thinking economical but CRAZY ok at first I thought I was crazy too, but it turns out that I may be Brilliant. Turns out there are like a hundred different brands of diapers, and types of diapers. There is flats, prefolds, fitted, one size, all in ones, pockets, hybrids, covers, inserts, the list goes on. So as I am diving into my cloth diapering excursion I keep hearing about these BumGenius diapers so I look them up and they are amazing. BumGenius is definitely not your mom's cloth diapers. They are much like disposables, but you can adjust the absorbency and size, and you wash them. has all the details on all your diapering needs. I received 3 BG diapers about a month ago and we use them at night and have continued to use disposables during the day, but I have recently ordered more and we will convert to all day usage. Alex doesn't even mind using them; I am telling you they are just like disposables. I did this mostly for the financial benefits because diapering a child cost on a low estimate 2,500 dollars and that is for generic from a wholesale store but cloth runs on average 500 dollars. I also did it for the environmental benefits as well this shows what all goes into diapering a baby in disposables. So now that I am on my money saving earth friendly excursion, I feel a little better about buying diapers for Daniel.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip to BuschGardens


So turns out that living In North Carolina is Alright we have really had a blessed time here We have lived in our first home now for a year and just had our first baby. Times are great to us even when gas prices are not. Having Daniel around is super fun. I cant even imagine life without him. He is such a great baby. I know all moms say that their babies are the greatest, but he really is. Always so calm and cool, and happy he is always smiling and laughing. Ok so it may be that I am just more calm with him than I thought I would be. For some reason I thought that I was going to be really impatient with him sort of like I am with the rest of life(a whole different story). Alex is such a great help too, always willing to lend a hand, arm, leg, you get the point. None the less life is good and I hope you enjoy our blog and a little insight to life with the Orantes family in NC, so Welcome!